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Polymeric Membranes

Polymeric membranes are critical to a variety of industrial separations and purification processes ranging from electro coat painting to dairy processing. The effectiveness of membranes in any given application is highly dependent on the proper selection of the polymer type, surface chemistry, pore size and morphology.

We offer a variety of unique MF and UF polymeric membranes, each with specific performance specifications and a variety of configurations to best serve your specific application need. Our team of application engineers and membrane scientists have decades of experience assisting our customers in selecting the most effective membrane for your specific application.

Contact us about your planned or current membrane system, and our expert applications engineers are ready to help you optimize your membrane separation process.


Electrocoating Applications
Our membranes are used by major automobile and appliance manufacturers throughout the world.

Dairy Applications
Our products are used in a variety of dairy processes.

Electro Coating

Market Overview

Electro Coating is a water intensive coating process that uses electrical current to adhere paint to a number of products ranging from automobiles, household appliances and host of other products with electrically conductive surfaces. For pre-treatment rinsing and water recycling applications, a reliable ultrafiltration (UF) membrane is critical to maintaining paint and water quality over time. Our PV400 is the most versatile UF membrane, and a proven choice for both anionic and cationic paint production.

Our membranes are available in a wide range of spiral wound element configurations to meet your specifications as a direct drop-in replacement or retrofit. For new systems, we offer the Unidesign element kit specifically designed for Electro Coating applications.

Please contact us for more product detail.

The Unidesign Module

Product Advantages:

  • Longer e-coat production cycles
  • Easy to service, assemble and disassemble
  • Excellent output quality
  • Lower cost than traditional drop-in module designs

Our specially designed Unidesign module allows for longer e-coat production cycles and element assembly/disassembly in less than 10 minutes.

Available in both 8” and 10” diameter sizes, the streamlined Unidesign module has two connections and do not require special housing, flanges or pumps to retrofit your existing system.

Our experienced engineers are eager to help you find the right solution to fit your need.

Please contact us directly for more information about the Unidesign module or any of our membranes for electrocoating applications.


Market Overview

Dairy applications range from milk and whey protein concentration, fat removal and casein concentration, to brine clarification.

We offer Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes in the ultrafiltration (UF) cut-off range. In the Dairy industry, these membranes are used for milk & whey protein concentration and diafiltration applications.

While proper membrane selection needs to consider several application specific factors, most microfiltration (MF) requirements for de-fatting, casein concentration and brine clarification are met with Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) materials.

Our polymeric membranes are available in a wide range of spiral wound element configurations to meet your specifications to upgrade an existing system or for a new system design.